On one of my recent excursions with the talented Croatian wedding, fashion, and lifestyle photographer Martina, I engaged in a charming mini couple Photo-shoot in Cyprus. The couple featured in this shoot were two young people by the name of Agatha and Mike, the former being a Mexican – Cypriot dancer, choreographer, student of English literature, and model, and the latter being a British-Italian-Cypriot who earns his living as a professional DJ.

As you can no doubt surmise from the above description, these are two very creative people, two souls bound together by the love of movement and song that brought them to their chosen careers.

Agatha and Mike met while on the job, and as they discussed their mutual passion for music, felt a deepening affection and bond grow between them as well. Like two melodies slowly blending together, Agatha and Mike fell in love, together becoming a tender refrain.

In love, as in music, there is freedom—the freedom to lose yourself to emotion, to pure feeling, to express something deeper than words. After all, great music and great love must both come from the heart—neither can be learned purely academically. They come from a place of purity, of learning to move in perfect rhythm with one’s own soul. As you can see from the photos, the radiant emotion in these lovers’ eyes is as moving and timeless as the nature of music itself.

In keeping with the ancient and indelible nature of the relationship between music and love—something which has passed through the ages largely unchanged, from bards and old-fashioned ballad singers to modern rock stars—we shot this mini photo shoot in Zygi, a village in the Larnaca district, which seems largely unchanged since it was established over 100 years ago. In this little coastal town, people still earn a living fishing from the azure waters of the Mediterranean, listening each day to the music of the sea and the rhythms of nature in order to move in harmony with her bounty—making it the perfect backdrop for immortal love.

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