Family photos are unique keepsakes that will be treasured for years to come. There’s one family that love to travel a lot around Europe and use that opportunity to have their family photos taken in every country they have gone to. According to the remarkable photographer Ayia Napa, Nikita, his wife Anna and their three year old son Sasha have a thematic photo shoot in each country they go.

It is Anna who usually conceptualises their photo shoots. She always has an idea of what to do before the actual shoot and the photographers in those countries just need to take their photos. When they visited Italy, they had a Steampunk Story where the family dressed up as superheroes. According to the story, Anna and Nikita are lovers. Anna got her look for the photo shoot from Rihanna’s “Where Have You Been” music video.

When they got to Cyprus, the family employed the services of a remarkable photographer Ayia Napa. The family decided to have a more formal photo shoot. Anna opted to have a fashion shoot in the beautiful resort town of Ayia Napa and the surrounding area. The town has lots of tourist spots and has been known for having the most Blue Flags per capita in the planet.

For the first location of the family photo shoot, the remarkable photographer Ayia Napa took the family to the Sea Caves, which is one of the sites to visit in the resort town. The water here is clean and calm and a good place to take photos. It is a popular location for wedding photos, and it is just fitting that we took photos of the couple with the caves as the backdrop. Standing on the edge of the cliff with the sea at the couple’s back has resulted into a very memorable photograph.

Then we brought the family at the Love Tree where we shot Nikita. The Love Tree at Cape Greco is another popular spot for photo shoots in Ayia Napa. The location used to be a dense juniper forest, but the trees were cut down in order to fuel the steam flour mills. Now one of its main attractions is the lonely Love Tree and it provides a good backdrop for photo shoots. While the site is preferred by couples, we opted to take Nikita’s solo pictorial on the spot.

Then we took Anna to the Ayia Napa Monastery Wall for her solo photos. It is one of the most popular landmarks of the village and a good spot for a photo shoot as well. It is a very busy location with lots of tourists roaming around, but the remarkable photographer Ayia Napa managed to get the job done.

The last location for a family photo shoot is the Melissi Beach. The remarkable photographer Ayia Napa got the family members together in this spot. Sasha was really fascinated with the water and, as a result, we managed to get lovely photos of the family.

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